Monday, February 06, 2012

Blogs I follow. . .

I have to tell you I really enjoy reading others blogs.  I have to set a time limit on my reading time.  It can be so addicting.  I love blogs with contests and specialized interests.    Here is a random list of some.  Maybe there is one that will speak to you.


Lisa McAfee has a blog.  She homeschooled her two boys all the way through high school.  Her blog is Schoolmarm Ohio  She posts twice a week.  She has the looking back advantage.

My friend Amy posts about homeschool, autism, and gives away great stuff at Growing Fruit.

My friend Tammy shares her Charlotte Mason homeschool approach including homeschooling  a child with Autism.  She has blogged  for many year at Aut-2B- Home in Carolina. 

Large Families

Raising Olives is a large homeschooling family.  She has great contests and I enjoy her pictures. She has some practical homeschooling ideas for big families.

Smockity Frocks is another large homeschooling family.  I always love reading about people who live in Texas.  I mean that.  They just live larger or something.  She is pretty funny.  More good contests.

Large Family Logistics.  You have heard my love of this one in a previous post.    She does not post often, but I enjoy her posts.  She loves organization and it speaks to me.

My all time favorite author is Patricia Veryan.  She is rather obscure, but still a favorite for me.  Nancy Eads keeps her fan club going at Patricia Veryan Fan Club.  

Just a random aside.  Tell me your favorite blogs.  I am always looking.

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  1. Thanks, Becky! I made top billing; I feel honored. I appreciate you and your perspective on home schooling.