Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Convention Finds

I love shopping and meeting people at the Midwest Homeschool Convention.  I love seeing old favorites and discovering new products.  These are a few of my favorite this year. I tried to choose some things that may be off the beaten path. 

Shatterpoint Entertainment has produced two movies involving LEGO®  parts and Bible stories that my children love!  Their second movie is Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled.  The Rondina family who produced the movie is a homeschool family.  My kids are crazy about this movie and now quote it around our home. The extras on the DVD are very interesting as it explains their journey into film making.  

I enjoyed looking around the Odyssey Learning Game booth.  What fabulous educational games. They carry one of my all time favorite games Set. (down the page 4th game on right hand side) They carry other favorites like Rush Hour. (8th down on left) I love playing games with my children that build thinking and math skills.

Another favorite I like to visit is the Little House Site Tours.  They organize site tours to the places from the Little House on the Prairie books.  They also sell DVDs  and books about the little house tours.  My daughter absolutely loves these.  They are very informative. 

Another family business is Virgina Soaps and Scents.  I have known about them for awhile, but really enjoyed seeing the family in person. Richelle Spargur, the owner,  shared with me that they are now putting their soap in boxes.  She said that is a big deal for a soap maker.   She also shared that they are putting a 2 story building behind their home to produce and sell soap.  Their family wants the kitchen back to smelling like a kitchen.  You have to love a homeschooling project that turned into a business.  I am a fan of the lavender soap currently.

Just a few things  I found to nourish the life long learner in me.

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