Tuesday, September 07, 2010


We have been cleaning here for the last week, and will continue this week.  Cleaning out homeschool drawers for the 6 and under crowd, shelves for the 10 and up crowd, and bookshelves filled with teacher helps.  Cleaning out the Montessori room, kitchen cupboards,  and thinking about what we still need for next year.

 We homeschool year round with breaks in between.  It seems easier for us to get back to school work after a 2 or 3 week break than a longer one.  I laughingly say that my kids are better people when they are doing math problems. We have taken breaks in December, April, July, and September  in the past, or when I have had it.   This year I am contemplating going 6 weeks on and 1 week off.  Taking a break for Christmas, Easter, and around the 4th of July.  It seems to help if we all can stop and do something fun, clean the house, and remember that school work is way more fun than cleaning kitchen cupboards.  My goal is always to make math facts look more fun that they did a few weeks ago.

Some pictures below of some of our shelves. Would LOVE to hear other people's schedules. How do you break up your year?  Year round or summers off?

The book shelves and school drawers.

N's school shelf


  1. We do as much as possible so if something comes up, and something usually does, we're ok. My husband is self-employed and sometimes has an unexpected day off, so we can work around it.(I can't get much done when he's home, and the concentration level suffers.) I homeschool year round, but take off more time in the summer because of more invitations from friends. Since my son is the only child at home, I feel this is as important as his schooling. We take several mini vacations each year, and try to incorporate something educational in each one,( but it has to be fun, too!)

  2. Hey, LMS- I like your approach- seize the day! You will find if you are on a roll and things are going well it is easier to do school those days and you get a lot accomplished.

    When you have those days where you may not get school done (sickness, out-of-town company,etc.) you can relax in knowing that you aren't "getting behind".

    A big "yes" to accepting invitations from friends! I find it a great motivating factor to get school done as well :) I think we should reward hard work, don't you?